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NeuroKinetic Therapy®

Immaculate Dissection 1- Core Concepts

Immaculate Dissection 2 - Lower Extremity Concepts

Immaculate Dissection 3 - Upper Extremity Concepts

Immaculate Dissection 4 - Neck, Jaw, Hand & Grip Concepts.

Pilates Therapy - Nerves and Neurodynamics

Pilates Therapy - Muscle Energy Techniques

Pilates Therapy - Touch, Massage and TPs

Pilates Therapy - Pelvis, Hip and Spine

Pilates Therapy - Knee and Foot

Pilates Therapy - Shoulders

Pilates Therapy - K Taping

The Vertical Workshop - Intensive Teacher Training Workshops

Chronic Pain

Pilates for Total Hip Replacement

Innovations In Pilates

Teaching Men Pilates

Neural Tension Testing For Pilates Teachers

Fletcher Fusion Teaser™
Pilates And The Breast Cancer Survivor
Equestrian Pilates
Pilates, Parkinson’s And Multiple Sclerosis
Release Or Recruit?
Moving Beautifully For Life And Sport
Hip And Groin Issues In The Performance Athlete
Exploring The Pilates Arc Barrel
The Anatomy Of Centre
Contemporary And Classical Pilates Sequences For Correcting Computer Posture
Mat For Movers
Pilates Therapeutic Exercises For Neck Problems
Advanced Matwork
Pilates & Biomechanics
Core Stability
Pilates And Osteoporosis
The Hypermobile Client
Pilates For Sports Rehabilitation
Reading The Body
Vertical Pilates
Lower Limb Exercises To Help Balance
Scoliosis And The Pilates Method
Rework And Review Pilates Matwork
Teaching Strategies For Posture Patterns

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