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Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Comprehensive Programmes

Sometimes we need just a little bit more and this is when a package may suit you to get you back on track and in a routine. If you've been suffering with a condition that's been causing you pain. I offer in depth programmes to assist you in recovering your physical health and becoming pain free. You will begin by completing a comprehensive lifestyle and health questionnaire, to discover past injuries or conditions, current injuries or conditions, and trauma.


Your sessions are devised specifically for your individual body, and are unique to you. A series of functional assessments including, NeuroKinetic Therapy®, trigger point therapy and Pilates corrective exercises, will be used to restore function to your body, and help you to move with confidence. On completion of the programme you will have a toolbox of information and exercises for the future and can come along for regular one to one sessions or classes.

Group Matwork Pilates Classes

I am currently offering hybrid classes where you may choose to be at the studio or join from the comfort of your home via Zoom. I have  a maximum of four places available in the studio. The online classes are still kept small to ensure you have the best experience and I will still be cueing each individual and adapting any exercises as necessary.


These classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. They are grouped according to ability to ensure that you get the safest and most effective workout for your body. Sometimes we will use small equipment in  the class which will enhance or challenge your body in a slightly different way. This small equipment may include Resistance Bands, Overballs and Magic Circles. and foam rollers.

Matwork Timetable


General Level


Intermediate Level



General Level



Intermediate Level


General Level


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