My Story

After many years of suffering with back and neck pain, a physiotherapist suggested Pilates to me. At the time, I worked in an office, spending many hours sitting at a desk, and my poor posture only made my condition worse. I enjoyed Pilates, so it wasn’t a chore for me to practise it regularly. I then decided that I would train to teach others, as it had benefitted me so much.


I qualified to teach Pilates Matwork in 2006, with the Pilates Foundation, and in 2009 qualified in the full apparatus training with Ellie Ioannidou & Gordon Thomson at their  South Kensington studio. 

NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT)

A great amount of my continued professional development has centred around rehabilitation. I am passionate about teaching you how to move confidently again after injury. Injury can be debilitating and often our response is to stop moving altogether leading to more stiffness and pain. 

My latest adventure is into the fascinating world of NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) which is a tool used to assess dysfunctional movement patterns and reprogram the motor control centre. Often after an injury or because of poor movement or posture, a compensatory pattern occurs. This is when muscles or ligaments overwork and others underwork . This can create tightness, inhibition and pain. Muscles are tested using the NKT protocol to determine which is the case and then the brain is reprogrammed with a short period of treatment and simple exercises that can be performed at home.

Previous courses and workshops I've completed can be found below.

The Studio

I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful studio at the end of my garden which was built in March 2019.  It is a light & airy space. The studio also has underfloor heating and is fully air conditioned.


The studio comprises of a Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Springboard alongside all the small equipment one would expect to find in a Pilates setting.


It is perfect for Private sessions, duets and Matwork classes for up to 6 people.