"I have been doing Pilates with Sharon for 6 years, and absolutely love her classes.  If I have a couple of weeks off I really notice the difference to my core strength.  She tailors the class to the particular issues people have, which is great.".

Hannah, Kings Langley


"I have been to about 3 courses now or maybe 4 - it certainly takes a little time to really understand what your meant to be doing but Sharon is very patient and  each session reminds us exactly how we should be breathing and where we should be feeling it !   Certainly keeps us on our toes and allows us to get the most out of the sessions.   The courses are flexible and fun and ultimately I feel that it helps strengthen my back so that I can carry on gardening ! ".

Caroline, Chipperfield


"I'd highly recommend Sharon's Pilates classes.  She's a brilliant, knowledgeable teacher with a good sense of humour.  You feel you're having individual tuition within a whole class situation".

Jill, Bovindon


"Sharon's classes contain just the right mix if hard work and fun, so that I really look forward to going to them.  She is always right there watching that I am doing the exercises correctly and , since I have discovered serious problems with my back, she often gives me an alternative exercise to do when I cannot do the prescribed one. Sharon also changes the routine regularly so that we don't get bored doing the same thing every week and often provides specialist equipment for the whole class".

Melanie, Kings Langley


"Sharon has a lovely supportive manner and classes are kept small enough that she gives individual attention - both contribute to making her classes fun and effective!  thank you Sharon!"

Hilary, Kings Langley

"I have been attending Sharon’s classes for over a year. In that time I have found an incredible improvement in my lower back, which had caused pain.  I enjoy Sharon’s classes as they are structured for people of different abilities and she gives good guidance to make sure that you improve.  She has helped with core strength and flexibility as well as taking the time to make sure you are doing it right and helps to refine your technique. Last year I took up competing in Triathlons. I have stayed injury free due to taking Sharon’s classes once a week, along with a 1:2 sessions every other week at her studio. Using the studio equipment, has improved my technique in Mat Pilates as well as my running, biking and swimming styles. Sharon’s style of teaching will help you get the improvement you are looking for, whether it's for your health and posture or  to improve on your time in competition"

Andrew, Hemel Hempstead

"Sharon is a caring and knowledgeable teacher and importantly her classes are always fun and send you away with a smile on your face.  What more could you ask?!"

Margaret, Kings Langley

"I have been attending Sharon's classes for about six years. I have noticed a significant improvement in strength, posture and flexibility. Sharon's classes are challenging and rewarding in equal measure. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, whatever your ability. The classes provide me with an opportunity for some 'me' time with added health benefits!"
Tracy, Kings Langley

"With her professionalism, impressive knowledge and sense of humour, Sharon has made it easy to integrate pilates into my life. This has increased my physical strength which, in turn, has enabled me to carry out daily activities with more confidence - thank you Sharon!"
Jan, Abbots Langley

"After many years of playing squash it was time to give up when severe arthritis set in and a new knee joint was recommended. I chose not to accept the latter and instead looked for an alternative solution. I found Essentially Pilates and have been attending Sharon’s sessions, weekly, for over three years. I have also tried physiotherapy but, personally,  have found pilates to be the better option for maintaining, long-term, strength and fluency of movement not only in my knee, but overall. I enthused so much about the benefit of the sessions that my wife and three of her friends have also joined to savour the benefits"
Ken, Abbots Langley

"I have been attending Sharon's friendly pitates  classes for several years now and will continue to do so.  She keeps her classes small, enabling her to go round each of us correcting posture / positions when necessary.  Sharon frequently attends tutor courses then teaches us the new positions so her classes never get boring.  I highly recommend anyone wishing to start pilates to attend one of Sharon's"

Jenny, Kings Langley

"I approached Sharon for pilates sessions following a recommendation from my physiotherapist that pilates would help me improve my core strength.  I like to run in my spare time and was preparing for the Jungle Marathon in Brazil. I had entered the four day event covering 120km though the Amazon Rainforest.  Sharon introduced me to the Reformer which is a piece of equipment that uses resistance to target key muscle groups.  I had had repeated problems with lower leg injuries and Sharon designed an exercise plan that not only helped to strengthen my legs but also helped improve my core stability and upper body strength.  I really enjoyed my pilates sessions and was quickly able to feel an improvement in my overall strength and see definition in my leg muscles. Sharon has taken a lot of time to tailor each session to my needs and I have really appreciated her work in helping me to achieve my Jungle Marathon goal. The Jungle Marathon was the hardest physical challenge I have ever undertaken and I do not think I could have completed it without having attended the pilates sessions as part of my training plan.  My next challenge is a 250km marathon in Vietnam and I will definitely be having regular pilates sessions with Sharon as part of my training plan"
Alison, Rickmansworth

"I would like to tell everyone how much your pilates classes have done for me in keeping me going, with all my back and joint problems.  I don't think that I would still be able to play golf if it wasn't for the pilates exercises that you have taught me, that strengthen my core and keep me swinging"
Iain, Kings Langley

"Sharon has an excellent sense of humour and makes the classes fun. She demonstrates all the sequences and corrects the class members as necessary.  I am much more relaxed after a class (all that breathing practice!)and the classes also help with coping strategies for bad posture and tense muscles after a day in front of the computer"
Sara, Hemel Hempstead

"The classes are well structured and Sharon's expertise ensures that you work confidently but within your own physical limitations"
Helen, Abbots Langley

"Wednesday evening is my sanctuary to be kind to myself and re-energise my body!  Sharon has a unique approach ensuring each member of the class is introduced to alternatives as and when needed and stretched when ready; always in a safe, comfortable and fun environment"
Clare, Chandlers Cross

"Pilates with Sharon gives me some precious ' ME'  time when I can focus on the stretches my body needs, for that week, under her expert guidance and advice"
Sandra, Chesham

"Having tried several different pilates classes previously, it was only after discovering Sharon's classes that I have actually learned to do pilates properly.  Sharon is very friendly and diligent in ensuring that everybody in the class is performing the exercises properly and accordingly to their specific needs, rather than just going through the motions.  The classes are so much fun it feels like a social activity as well as great exercise"
Mel, Kings Langley


Jan, Abbots Langley


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